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What to do when life kicks you around

I was watching a show about giraffes on the discovery channel last night.

Did you know that a baby giraffe gets kicked by the mother giraffe as soon as it falls out of the womb?

Confused, the baby giraffe doesn’t know how to respond.

The mother then kicks it again but even harder this time.

The baby giraffe soon realizes that if it doesn’t move or do something it’ll keep getting kicked. And kicking hurts!

It starts wobbling onto its baby feet.

Once it is standing, the mother gives it one last good kick.

The baby giraffe starts to run. And that is exactly what the mother wanted.


Because the mother knows that if the newborn does not learn how to run, it will be easy prey for predators.

And that is how giraffes learn how to survive.

We all need a kick in the right direction every so often.

When you first get started with a business opportunity, you’re like a baby giraffe.

You get kicked in the face and you don’t know why or where it’s coming from.

The weak ones crawl back to their safe womb (e.g. job).

The smart and strong ones stand up and shuffle their feet, learn how to run and thrive.

Nobody likes getting kicked in the face, but it’s necessary to learn how to thrive.

There’s no way to learn otherwise. But some programs are better than others when it comes to the amount of kicking you have to endure until you finally start thriving.

Here’s one such program


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